Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Be Assertive

Think about it. How many times did these things happen to you?
  • You knew the answer but you did not raise your hand to answer
  • You knew the problem and had a solution in your mind but you did not speak up
  • You did not understand but you didn’t ask
  • You needed help but you did not ask or wanted to offer it but you did not reach out.

What could have been?
You could have built your reputation. You could have helped someone. You could have done better.  You could have shown leadership. You could have gotten help. Of course it could have backfired, you could have been embarrassed. But what is the price you’re paying for avoiding embarrassment?
  • An opportunity to lead
  • An opportunity to get what you want
  • An opportunity to know better
  • An opportunity to build relationship
  • An opportunity to succeed
  • An opportunity not to be afraid of being wrong

Assertiveness is the ability to speak in a manner that’s forceful but not  pushy, humble but not in a pushover manner.  Assertive is neither  aggressive nor passive. It is adult  and professional.  I enjoin you to explore it, build your skill in it, see how it  will open doors for you in the immediate and the long term.

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