Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kaya Ko Yan!

Your career success or any other endeavor for that matter depends on how often you say "kaya ko yan" (I can do this). Nope, that's not all you need, you silly, but it starts there. CAN or on the other hand CAN'T are pretty powerful words. "Can" sets you on your way, "can't" stops you dead on your tracks.

I've been working for the last 20 years. I got to where I am now because of the number of times I said "kaya ko yan." On the other hand, I got this far also because of the number of times I said "di ko yan kaya" (I can't). I can just imagine how much farther I could have gone had I said kaya ko yan more often than I did and at times when it most mattered.

We all have that "UNKNOWN" window pane in our JOHARI window and the way to shrink it is by challenging our selves, taking some risks or sticking our neck out so to speak. You really can never tell what you can't do if you haven't tried at least once.

I wrote this because I see a lot of people who can't muster enough courage to say kaya ko yan when faced with an opportunity or a challenge. The low self expectation cause a lot of us to believe we are incapable of excellence that's why we settle for mediocre. Just imagine the possibilities if we all believe we can do better. It would mean better products, better customer experience, better quality of life.

Go get that job and then succeed in it. kaya mo yan!


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