Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are You Searchable?

If you consider yourself as very good at what you do but you are difficult to find, it is possible that you are missing out on some juicy career opportunities. You are no different from a very beautiful website (Aesthetically that is) but could not be found through the search engines. You will become  a beautiful secret that is kept from the world. The good thing about it  is that very few people will badger you about an opportunity. The bad thing is opportunity searching becomes one way, that is you are not allowing opportunities to find you.

What is so good about being searchable? I can count a number of reasons why you should be. Here's one; if you are as good as you should be, people will line up to see you and find out how they (their companies) can benefit from you. This gives you a lot of job and career opportunity choices. Job offers will give you a good idea about the price you command in the market. Most importantly, you don't have to stay in a job you hate when you have options of finding a better job with a better boss and team. See Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand


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