Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Whys and Hows of Online CVs

Methinks that whether you are actively looking for a job or not, you should maintain an updated online profile. Why, because it will benefit you in the near or long term. Let me share a few opportunities that can come  your way if you make yourself easily searcheable and relevant information about your skillsets, work experiences and career or business opportunities  accessible.

Prospective employers are always on the prowl for talents. They use Google and now social networks to  find the people they need. If you are happily and gainfully employed, some of these people are willing to go out of their way to find out what can make you happier and more gainfully employed. You always have the option to say no, but wouldn't you be interested to know when opportunities are just outside your door waiting to knock?

Here's one other opportunity you might be missing if your personal or professional information is not accessible via the web; business opportunities!  Business people are constantly on the lookout for other business people to do business with. They look for people to form alliance with, do business for or with them. Your next great deal might be just around the corner waiting for a sign that you have an open shop.

If you are digging what I am saying, you should now be seriously considering polishing your provervial online shoes to show others you are at least interested to look at opportunities if not actively looking for it. If I were you, the first thing I'd do is start and or polish my Linkedin account. I've seen too many people create an account and stop there. Not enough information not even a decent picture for others to see, and worse, no connection!  What I'd if you are one of them is take a look back at your account and start filling it with useful information. Give everyone the load down of what you are all about. Let us know what you are capable of doing, what interest you and what you have accomplished. Ask friends and colleague enhance your online reputation by giving you testimonials. You can always delete them if you are unhappy with what they are saying. Lastly, connect, connect and connect some more! A beautiful online CV isn't worth much if not a lot of people see them. Some people whom you may not know will try to connect with you for so many reasons. Some will try to sell you stuffs, others will want to put you in their database because they foresee future business with you, and then others will want to hire you. Choose the connections you wish to make. Me, I accept almost everyone. My premise, today's seller may be my tomorrow's buyer. All gains and nothing to lose.

I'd do the same in as many social networks as possible but start with the biggest ones. Facebook and Twitter can be really good marketing tool for you. Oh, and then there's Branchout. I still don't know how it works but what the heck, huh!

Take care of your reputation online by sharing relevant activities that will get people interested. I tell you, I've already received numerous inquiries and closed deals with total strangers through this networks and you could too!

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