Monday, April 9, 2012

Linkedin Versus BranchOut?

First, I must say that I am no expert in anything Linkedin nor BranchOut. This is not an expert review. This is merely an opinion from someone who has been using Linkedin for a while and has recently joined and completed his profile in BranchOut in the hope that it will bring him similar businesses that he gathered from Linkedin.

I am a big fan of social media for the simple reason that my business would not have reached this point had I not discovered the web as a market place and exploited what it had to offer to the hilt (at least to the best of my abilities). As a recruiter, I found social media as a less costly yet more effective option in finding the needed talents for my clients.  Linkedin has been for the longest time our best source of talents. I'm happy that the number of Filipinos joining Linkedin is getting bigger everyday. More and more people are getting easier to find because of this. I've heard on many occasions that Linkedin is the social network of choice for professionals and business networkers. It looked like linkedin's niched juggernaut is going to be unstoppable. And then comes BranchOut, a facebook propelled social network that seem to follow the Linkedin model.

There has already been several reviews comparing both networks so I won't go that way anymore. What I really like to say is that if any or both of these networks succeed in their business, it's good for all of us job and people hunters!

Here's my word of advice, make sure that you join both and give time to complete your profile. Who knows the  opportunities you're looking for is just around the corner... or your next click!


  1. Hey there,

    My name is Ali and I am BranchOut's Community Manager.

    How is BranchOut different from LinkedIn?

    BranchOut leverages Facebook to help professionals improve their careers and assist companies to hire the best candidates. Facebook is significant for 4 main reasons:
    Facebook is the largest social network - with 800 million monthly active users. LinkedIn only has 40 million monthly active users, meaning that Facebook is more than 15 times larger than LinkedIn. BranchOut has 300 million profiles And 10 million users...we are growing very quickly as people as seeing the value!
    Facebook is more diverse thank LinkedIn. LinkedIn focuses on the top 10% of the workforce:
    upper-level, white collar managers. BranchOut, like Facebook, has this demographic, as well as the other 90% of the workforce. Companies can hire the full spectrum of their workforce - not just top managers - on BranchOut because it reflects Facebook's global diversity.
    Facebook has the highest level of engagement. People visit Facebook and spend more time on it than any other site. 50% of all users visit Facebook every day. People share more information on Facebook than any other site.
    Facebook is where you connect with your real relationships - your family, friends, and closest colleagues, not someone you met at a conference for 5 minutes.

    Hope that helps! :) Happy to be a resource if you have additional questions.


  2. Thanks, Ali! This is very good input!



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