Saturday, November 6, 2010

Are You a Good Employee Material?

Companies love a good employee. One who knows what s/he is doing and does the  right thing in order to contribute to the organization’s goals. In this professional world teeming with mediocrity, good employees become rare finds. Companies treasure them and put them in their rightful places in the company. They also become target of poachers who want them to use their good performance in their companies. Wouldn’t it be great to be one of those employees who get juicy offers of better positions and perks in their company or sent offer fillers by other companies? It’s not easy, but wouldn’t you agree that its worth doing?

The next question that comes to mind is how does one become a good employee material? Here are my recommendations:Good employee materials enter an organization with the thought of helping that organization grow. This is an important mind set. There are too many employees who count the number of hours they spend at work yet oblivious of the amount they contribute to the organization. Yes, it’s true that the primary reason for working is one’s physical and material needs but it shouldn’t end there. Assess your contributions to the company not only in terms of time spent but actual results. Are you able to improve processes, make your customers (internal and external) happy? The answer should a resounding yes!

Every one has a choice between being an engineer or a good engineer, a programmer or a good programmer, an employee or good employee. The term “good” connotes competence or being technically and behaviorally adept to the job. This also means continuing education, knowing the latest technology and benchmarking best practices. So ask your self this “am I good at what I’m doing?” Veer away from mediocrity by continually improving yourself.

Make Work Fun...Choose Your Attitude
Project a professional image. Judgments are made about people based on the professional image they display as a result of appearance and behavior. This occurs before the individual’s level of competence or performance is determined. Your professional image is viewed from two perspectives, appearance and behavior. Appearance means your ability to dress appropriately and present yourself in an attractive manner. Behavior on the other hand means your ability to communicate and your effectiveness in the use of proper manners and etiquette. You need to recognize the importance of appropriate personal behavior in dealing with your boss, co-worker and clients.

Good employees are MVP’s. They are the Michael Jordan of their work place. They keep the team together and inspire the team to achieve greater heights of performance. Everyone can be a Michael Jordan if they wish to. Its just a matter of being cognizant of one’s performance and seeing to it one does what it takes to be better.

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